Die Lola hat neues Spielzeug

von Himbeerlola um 16:58 da reingeschubst: Internet, Me myself and I

So langsam taste ich mich in die sumpfigen Untiefen von WordPress vor. Nach langer Suche habe ich grade ein schickes Plugin gefunden, mit dem ich meine zukünftigen Verrisse Reviews optisch untermalen kann. Und bis ich nix anderes aufgetrieben hab, bin ich sogar mit den vom Autor vorgesehenen gelben Sternchen zufrieden. Wohl oder übel.

Erstmal rumspielen:





Schick, gell? ;o)

(Update: Das neue Spielzeug muste ich doch gleich mal den Heroes aufs Auge drücken! *flatsch*)

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  1. Shiva:

    The thing about branded is that it feels like a psilyocoghcal thriller where they’ve been told to add ridiculous amounts of CGI. It’s like two films meshed together. That’s the only way I can make sense of it.On the one hand there’s the idea that advertising is being used to control people’s minds. But on the other hand there’s the alien monsters thing. These two elements worked together pretty well in John Carpenter’s They Live , but I have no idea how they could possibly be linked here.I would say the reason Branded exists instead of a Deadpool movie is because we’re inundated with superhero movies and we need more original ideas. But seeing as its basically a daft reimagining of They Live , I guess that rules out that explanation.Also, that advert at the beginning is stupid. Adverts always use models. Those people look too much like they might actually eat burgers. Advertisers just wouldn’t use them.

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