Steven Brill zückt den Cholerikerausweis

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Steven Brill vs. FanboysHab eben mit wachsendem Entzücken die aktuelle Berichterstattung rund um den gediegenen Ausraster von Regisseur Steven Brill verfolgt. Dem Mann ist in den letzten Wochen mindestens eine Sicherung rausgeknallt, weil ihm von penetranten Fanboys-Fans dauernd per Mail aufgelauert wird. Die Kiddies haben nämlich offenbar nichts besseres zu tun, als Brill für das leidige Fanboys-Desaster verantwortlich zu machen. Slashfilm war so frei ein paar Korrespondenzen zu veröffentlichen. Hier drei herrliche Beispiele grenzenloser Dämlichkeit, die schön verdeutlichen, warum Brill verständlicherweise schon Schaum vorm Maul hat:

You suck for re-cutting ‘fanboys’
You really do.

Steve Brill:
U suck for e mailing me your bullshit whining. U r gonna like fanboys better because of me and then u can kiss my ass”

Dear Mr. Brill,
I had contacted my theatres booking agent when I first heard about “Fanboys. ” I thought it would be an uplifting and funny change of pace for our theatres. Now, I realize that it will be the same cut and dried mainstream junk that has been habitually littering our auditoriums. I am going to contact my booker and suggest that as a company, we do not pick up this film for presentation. You have ruined a wonderful concept.

Steve Brill:
No. Please god. No Chris… please no. Don’t wield your power against us. I was just trying to help. Please Christopher don’t hold it against the movie. We’ll do anything to gain your trust. You seem so important and so knowledgeable, obviously you have formed a real considered opinion and the fact that you will not book us into your theatre is so unfair. I implore you sir please reconsider. Direct your wrath at me, but don’t take it out on the movie….. What can we do to appease you Chris? You dumb cunt. E mail me again and I will hunt you down fucker… try me.”

You’re involved with Fanboys for nothing more than a quick buck. You don’t give a damn about the movie, Star Wars or its fans, so why the fuck did you agree to the job? Do you sleep comfortably at night knowing that you’ve bastardised a film that has the potential to become a cult classic for years on end into a movie which will be forgotten about in less than 6 weeks. Little Nicky was okay, the rest sucked.
Once more, fuck you!

Steve Brill:
Hey Owen. You’re kind of a big mouth tough guy over the internet. Wanna come say fuck you to my face? I’d be happy to give you the chance. How about this tough guy. You and I go head to head in a Star Wars Trivia contest. You think I don’t care about the wars fucker? I know more about it than you can imagine. I care deeply and have been immersed in Star Wars since it came out. I was there jerk off. I still have my stub. I have seen the trilogy probably a hundred times in the theater! And you dare question my caring. You think I would do it for the money!? I did it to get the movie released! So people like you could see it. But come on. Let’s prove who cares more. Five thousand dollars to the winner of a trivia contest. I’ll donate my winnings to the American Cancer Society…So get ready big shot… If you e mail me again, you better be ready to lose that five thousand.”

That’s Rogg’n'Rohl Rodeo! Yeeehaaaw! Danke, Steven - hab schon lange nicht mehr so gelacht. Und immer dran denken: Durchhalten! ;o)
PehEss: Die ganze blöde Vorgeschichte hat Filmfreund Batzman hier nett zusammengefasst, also kann ich mir das faulerweise klemmen (gsd!), zumal mich der ganze Quatsch überhaupt nicht tangiert. What the fuck is Fanboys und who the fuck cares?

(Die wohlwollenden Pic-Credits gehen an den coolen Slashfilm-User Sam R)


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